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Las Vegas EXPO 2018   1st  Place                    copyrighted

HAPPY 2020!

Painting on COE 96 glass, firing and adding dimension with glass pieces & re-firing. 

All paintings are copyrighted.

VERDE CANYON Dimensional Painting on glass   copyrighted

   The New Year lies before you like a spotless track of snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every track will show!

   GLASS ART by Marty


Email for Glass Art  mkm.scf@gmail.com

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The purpose of this Blog Website is that you find ideas and entries that are: interesting, entertaining, inspiring, humorous, helpful, enlightening and sometimes maybe sad. I would like to share experiences with you provide some home & health tips, recipes, games, crafts, and a Kid’s Corner.  Medical Issues are of interest to me, so hoping you will enjoy them. Let me introduce myself. I am Marty Miller; Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Entrepreneur, retired business owner, Artist and Senior Citizen. Thought I might as well put that “Senior” ID out, right away. It not only means getting old, but “experienced & wise”. At least that is what I have been told. We may discuss those “Golden Years” later. You can read more about my past in Marty’s Memoirs. Marty may be contacted by email at  marty@homeandhealthtips.com

Artwork at top is copyrighted by Marty Miller