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Crepe Paper Flowers–Spring or Easter

This was always a fun Spring or Easter project with the special needs children that I worked with, camp kids and also my own children.  These flowers may require a bit of help from an adult with younger children, but most children of about 7 and up, can do these by themselves, once they get hang of it.

You can get help with visuals on this on Martha Stewart’s website  although done slightly different.

Choose Pastel pkgs. of crepe paper and also a dark green.

Leaving crepe paper folded as in pkg. , cut about 3″ to 4″ fold band of crepe paper.  You may flute edges by pinching them out using both hands to make to stretch slightly the top edge of paper.

Start gathering crepe paper at base at base and slowing gather to spread the flower petals out.  When desired size is reached, cut off the rest of the paper. Secure base of flower with fine wire.

Form stem with pipe cleaners and wrap these with green crepe paper, which has been reviously cut into a one inch strip. Wrap tightly among the stem and up to the base of the flower.  This makes a lovely, long lasting flower or flower arrangement.  GREAT GIFTS for Grandma and Grandpa!

(Contrasting center can be made by using different shades of crept paper on same flower).

See flowers on Paper Plate Hats!  This is another use for the flowers.

There are many fun Easter ideas and recipes.

Reporting a Doctor–PART TWO

 Reporting a Doctor–Part Two

One person CAN make a difference!

ABSOLUTELY with a bit of work and a lot of patience!

Last year I wrote a detailed Blog on “How to” and “Where to” report a Doctor   with which you have had issues that you feel need to be addressed.  Feel that it is your human duty to report a Doctor that you feel has problems worse than “poor bedside manner”.  Everyone can have a bad day, so I usually do not evaluate a Medical person until I have a couple of visits with him/her. Just complaining about your experience to others gives, you a very limited audience.

After One Year this is the outcome:

In my particular case we felt the Dr. had such egregious behavior on two different occasions with degrading remarks, criticizing the diagnoses of previous Medical professionals.  With arrogance he said “the other Doctors were all wrong”.

When my husband and I both wrote individual letters about this Doctor in 2014, who we felt should not be practicing because of an arrogant, condescending and rude attitude, we had expected more feedback.  However after 1 yr. we have found that by doing what we did, the word spread throughout a large portion of the Medical facility where we go. Possibly other patients began reporting the same Doctor to their referring physician.  The outcome of this has been that his particular physician is no longer referred by several medical facilities that had previously used him.  He is however “still practicing”.  Saying that–if you feel strongly about something you experienced with a doctor that is unprofessional or harming, you should make a report to the proper entities.  It is very difficult to just make a complaint and have something instantly happen. In our case the MD’s reports differed from what he had said to me, as a patient, so there was no way to prove how we had been treated.  However it puts Medical personnel on alert and they may have paid more attention to other patient complaints on the same physician. If you know what you are doing is right–then do it, following the proper protocol as outlined in the previous Blog.

Again you may want to visit the following websites to see how others have rated your physician or a potential referred Physician.  I now, do the surveys for almost every Medical person on both   and  that I visit and it helps others who may need to see that Physician or Medical Professional.  I am happy to say that most of the reports I have done are complimentary to the medical person and profession.   The short surveys that you do on a Medical person may greatly help someone else.  Be sure to compliment and do a good survey on the great Medical personnel who serve you!  That really helps future patients.

One person CAN make a difference as it starts the ball rolling.