Marty’s Accident In Michigan

This will start out a little about me—well maybe a lot.  Let us start with the most recent unnatural event.  I fell down a full flight of stairs.

We left our Colorado home to go to Michigan for a surprise Party for my sister’s 60th birthday and also to visit my Mom (what a story here—but later).  The Party was held in a Lutheran Church social hall and some of the relatives & a few of my sister’s friends went back to a niece’s home.  Well after awhile, I was getting restless and feeling like a bathroom break may help cure me.  I opened the first door which pushed inward with my left hand, took a step; vaguely remember thinking “what can I grab”.  My next conscious moment was at the bottom of 14 wooden stairs on a cement floor.  I came to only to see a wrist that had my hand aiming in an unnatural 45-degree angle.  I got a little frantic about removing my watch, but had no idea what was happening. Our youngest daughter’s face came into view and she was telling me to lie still because I had been injured and help was on the way.  Even though I don’t remember much after that, I guess I let out a blood-curdling scream when moved to a backboard.  Guess what—I talked about my medications, my replaced knees and my spinal fusion all the way to the hospital in the ambulance.  My husband who was riding in the front told me this.  I remember nothing.  Had a 3” inch cut on my head—the Dr. told me “I am going to give you lidocaine, before I staple.  I said “no lidocaine”, just staple.  Apparently my face never changed nor did I apply pressure to the hand my daughter was holding.  Guess I was a little shocky.  No alcohol involved .

Apparently I was moved to what is called a ‘step down” unit which is like ICU.  I had surgery the next day with metal pins placed in my wrist and a Fixator—kind of like a head halo, with a metal bar and pins holding bones together.  I do remember the “Dr. McSteamy” who was my anesthesiologist.  Shortly after that the Dr. who was the Administrator came to see me.  I asked, “How am I doing?”  I guess he answered “Fine considering what you have been through”.  I replied “Great, I am going to the casino tomorrow”.  Do I remember any of this “NO”?

So bottom line I had 10 rib breaks on 6 ribs—4 had 2 breaks. I dislocated & fractured my clavicle, and punctured my left lung—not to mention the colorful bruising.  OK, under the bottom line—our 8 day trip became a month, I did not break my spinal fusion, I am not paralyzed, both knee replacements are intact and as far as we can tell no noticeable brain damage—jury may still be out on that.

Found out that there were black marks on the wall going to the basement about a yard up the wall.  My husband looked at my NEW shoes that I had been wearing and both had large scuff marks on the inside of the sole.  Man—I saw none of it.  Never went back to the scene of my accident.  Maybe next visit.

I tried very hard to entertain the staff with humorous stories and was told I was popular, but REALLY needed rest.  I am on the road to recovery and we will go back through some other incidents later.

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