Tips For Knee Surgery

What you will Need for Knee Replacement Recovery

*ICE PACK     This is the best, most flexible, inexpensive Ice Pack you will ever find.  My first PT gave me the recipe after knee replacement and we still have the same Ice packs in the freezer.
* To sleep by yourself through the recovery period, having someone nearby to help you get to the bathroom, help you move, put you in your CPM machine and assist in PT.
* Safety Bars in your shower
* A bench to set on in your shower
* A “grabber”  It is a metal or plastic  tool that is about 27?-30? long that you can squeeze to have the pinchers pick up things you drop.
* A raised toilet or toilet seat that can place on a toilet and remove later for ease in using the bathroom. ( pharmacies often carry them)
* If your bedroom is on the 2nd floor, you will need to set up a bed for 3-4 weeks on your first floor.
* It is good to have shampoo cap so that when you sponge bath you can just use the pre-shampoo cap to dry wash your hair.

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