De-Stress Your Life

It is difficult to avoid all of the daily pressures and not have stress. Stress is particularily high at this time because of economic & job pressures.   Stress can be controlled through some helpful tips that will help us live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out–De-Stress

* Do something you really enjoy each day
* Prepare for each day by setting out clothes and materials that you will need for the next day.
* What you want to do tomorrow, do today, what you want to do today , do now.  Do not procrastinate.
* Make a realistic list of things you want to accomplish each day, either the night before or in the morning.
* Exercise during the day—for office workers, take a short walk outdoors, weather permitting.
* If you like to do yoga or swimming, these exercises can also relieve or prevent stress.
* Be kind to unkind people–they probably need it.
* Try smiling at each person you pass during the day–it may lift their spirits, along with yours.
* Do nothing that you will ever have to lie about.
* Don’t compomise your own integrity
* Listen to your inner voice — it is there for a reason
* Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully.
* When you start to worry–remove yourself from the situation which can be done both physically and mentally.
* Think about someplace you have been that you really enjoyed and where you felt peaceful.

Find what works for you to relieve anxiety and stress.  Each person it different.

I am a natural worrier, so some things that work for me are;
* saying a short prayer repetitiously    * swimming laps–counting the laps as I swim    * Removing myself from whatever I am obsessing or worrying about–at least for a reasonable time.   * Sitting in the sunshine   * Reading some uplifting short story or watching a comedy like “I Love Lucy”, “The Golden Girls” or “Everybody Loves Raymond”.
                  Laughter is an instant vacation”.

*Find a Mantra or Prayer that you can say repeatedly.  (During my early recovery from my fall down the flight of stairs–see Marty’s Memoirs–I said “The Guardian Angel Prayer” probably 20 times each day–it helped with pain mangement and stress).    

* Looking at peaceful pictures.  

“Worry is nothing less than the misuse of your imagination! ” Franklin Covey



  1. Angelie Melzer says:

    Just BREATHE….this small act throughout the day is simple and necessary. It’s a natural bodily function which so many of us don’t utilize to it’s full potential! 🙂 On a side note: Pilates can be an awesome tool as well!

  2. i love lucy says:

    Highly energetic post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part

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