Homemade Gifts/Decorations made by Kids


Cut strips of construction paper in strips about 1/2 to 3/4 ” wide and about 5-7 ” long.  The child puts glue on one end, folding the opposite end into a circle and hold until stuck together. ( Put the next strip through the circle and just keep going alternating colors of chosen paper).  It can be as long as you want or as long as the attention span lasts.  They can hang over the branches of the tree.  These of course do not last as long as other decorations, but help with eye-hand coordination and makes the child very proud to have something he/she made.

Holiday Placemats  (ages 4 up)

Needed–any combination of these:  Old Christmas Cards, Holiday wrapping Paper, stickers, ribbon, etc.
Poster Board (the heaviest available)–white, red, green, gold, silver
Glue Stick
Roll of CLEAR Contact Paper  ( Home Depot carries it–by shelf paper)

Have the child cut out several things or use the fronts of the cards as they are.  Cut a placemat sized rectangle out of posterboard ( no larger than 16″ in length). Have them do a layout. Then use a gluestick to attach the cards or designs to cover the poster board.  Let is set to let the glue dry.  Then with adult help, cut contact paper so that it is larger than the Placemat. Pull off the backing  of contact paper, lay and flat then place one side of  placemat on the contact paper, making sure you have edges left all around it. Repeat for back of Placemat.  Cut the edge of the contact paper, leaving about 1/4 inch on all edges.  You now have a washable Christmas placemat.

Baked Ornaments  ( Ages 4-up)
These are fun, easy and will last for years.  We have our children’s ornaments from 1970’s that we still put on the tree.
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
3 cups water

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Mix all together–should be pliable–if not –add a little more water. You can either paint them after baking or add food coloring to dough when mixing.
2 methods:
(1)  Roll it to about 1/3″ thick and use Christmas cookie cutters to cut out designs.  Paint after Baking.
(2) Roll into “snakes” and twist together to  make Candy Canes, wreaths or twist to make a frame for a chosen picure.  (I love these as we have our children’s picures in them and now grandchildren have made them)

Curve a paper clip into a holder for ribbon. I cut the ends of of the clip so that I have a long U shaped wired.  Push into top of ornament, leaving a little out to attach ribbon.  Bake about 30-35 minutes at 300 degrees.  Do not let them become brown.

Cool and paint or put small photo you have chosen behind the frame.


Gift Coupon Book for Parents or Grandparents. ( ALL Ages)

Depending on children’s ages they can design a little stapled “coupon gift book” for parents or grandparents.

Some ideas: Help with dinner, do dishes,help with groceries, sweep floor, help a neighbor, not arguing with siblings, or have one where the recipient has a choice of task.  The ideas are numerous.
The child can decorate the cover of the coupon booklet or the pages of the booklet themselves, using old wallpaper, constuction paper, wrapping paper, etc. (the child, depending on his/her age, may need some ideas that are age appropriate).
When they give you the booklet the recipient picks the day in which to use a particular coupon.

Our children did this several times and it was a “giving gift” and helped with responsiblity and costs the child nothing, but time.


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