Problems and Suggestions for Scoliosis and Spinal Fusion

  Part 6—Problems and Solutions-Living with a Scoliosis or a Spinal Fusion  (a continuing series) Video at bottom of page

  Problems will be in GreenSolutions in Blue   


 Back Pain is probably the biggest issue for both those with scoliosis or a fused spine?

  • Water Therapy, Swimming, Exercise, Massage Therapy, Pilates, seeing a Chiropractor , Physical Therapy, Relaxation techniques & Ibuprophen can be of help.  Each person must try to find what works best for her/him when in pain.  
  •   HYDROTHERAPY –water therapy can be the absolute best as it provides weightlessness and relaxes tense muscles.  There are many Recreation Centers, Community or School pools that offer different types of water therapy. (I prefer swimming laps and then relaxing in a therapy pool. )
  • Keeping at a reasonable weight for your body type is important as extra weight stresses the back and legs, which may cause additional pain.  That is why excercise and eating a good diet are so important.
  • Getting enough sleep, but not staying in one position for long periods.

You cannot bend or stretch much because of a fusion or pain.

  • Purchase a “reacher or grabber”.    There are also businesses that carry special medical equipment or small items that can benefit you.
  • I find that using a Heating Pad at night helps with back pain, although purchase one that has an auto-shut off.
  • Hot Tubs–We have a personal theraputic hot tub that I use daily, usually in the morning to help with back stiffness after rising.

You may be limited on how much weight you can carry.

  • Try using smaller purses and back-packs. Be cognizant of the amount of weight that you lift or carry.

Feeling “Different” or restricted.  Teenagers or young adults may feel “different” from their peers.

    •  First of all, explain to others what your health issue is about–people are very accepting if they know that you are not overly sensitive?
    • Join groups and activites that you enjoy.
    • Find physical activities or sports that you can participate in and that may help your physical condition. (You should discuss with your Doctor regarding which activities are best for your condition)
      Please see the following video about a young lady who has pursued her interest in Gymnastics while undergoing treatment  for scoliosis.



  • ATTITUDE—keep a positive attitude and have supportive, positive friends.
    For me –swimming is foremost–it not only helps relieve back pain, it lifts my spritits and gives me the needed excercise.
    Massage Therapy as 2nd, which I have done for an hr. every 2 weeks for about the past 15 years. It can be expensive, but can really ease some of the pain.  It loosens the muscles and scar tissue around the fusion and relaxes the tenseness caused from the lack of movement in the fused area.  In the case of scoliosis, deep tissue massage helps the muscles relax  in the back.  I prefer really deep tissue massage and can move with much more ease after a session.

Part 7–Our Daughter’s Scolioisis story starting at age 5.
(She became a professional Ballet Dancer)



  1. Treating Scoliosis says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. What an inspirational girl. This video can be helpful for other young people that are going through something similar. Rebecca is proof that living a normal life with scoliosis is possible.

  2. What upsets me is that today scoliosis practitioners have the ability to diagnose and begin treatment when curves are as low as 10 degrees. The scientifically validated care is scoliosis specific exercise programs designed to stabilize the curve, prevent progression, and in many cases reduce the size of the scoliosis. But what do we see over and over? The specialist tells the patient to do nothing, just watch and wait for the scoliosis to get worse. They are told to return every 3-4 months for another Xray and when it gets bad enough, use a brace or schedule for surgery!

  3. Greg Nelson says:

    I agree with @Andrew scoliosis Surgery is necessary for some extreme cases of scoliosis but in many cases it can be taken care of with non-surgical treatment. I’ve done some research into schroth physiotherapy, I’m going to include 2 links that might be helpful to anyone starting their own research the first is to an article from scoliosis care centers that explains what schroth physiotherapy much better than I can in just one comment
    And the next link I am posting is for a study that supports that schroth physiotherapy improves spinal curvature it’s a peer reviewed study and it’s from a reliable source. So taking a preemptive approach is better than doing nothing and waiting to see if it gets worse.

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