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Cruising is the most economical and fun way to travel.  Your travel, wonderful food, top entertainment and activities are included.  You are free to enjoy the pool, eat all day, just relax or become involved in various activities offered.  You can choose to go ashore and be on your own, stay on the ship or take one of the many Excursions that are offered at the different ports.  No stress in wondering where you will eat or what you will do. The biggest thing is you are going to all different locations and Never have to move your luggage!

We have taken about 11 cruises on a few different lines.  We have recently stayed pretty much with Princess as you become a valued Cruiser if you stay with one Cruise line.  You get perks such as Free minutes on the Internet, getting embarkation and disembarkation preference.  If you are new at Cruising you might wish to try different Cruise lines or find where you want to go and pick the Cruiseline with the best itinerary and price.

We just completed a repositioning Cruise which means the Ship is moving to a new location for that particular season.  In our case, it was leaving Ft. Lauderdale and traveling to N. Europe. We will get into the particulars of this Cruise, but just want you all to know that this is probably the cheapest, most enjoyable way to travel.  The DOWN side is you only get to stay in a location for a day, sometimes two and land packages are offered.  The Up side of that is that if you do not care for the port you in, you will only be there a day.  If you do like it, you may wish to go back and stay spend your vacation or Holiday there for a longer time.  It is like getting a live preview of many places.



  1. I remember the first cruise we took for our 20th Anniversary. I did not think that I would enjoy being on a ship with nothing to do. Little did I know then how much fun it actually was to be on that big ship. I would recommend cruising to anyone who is questioning whether or not it would be fun.

  2. It was good reading your cruising blog. I like the fact you mention the affordability. I do believe cruising should be looked at as an introduction to the ports of the world. An introduction to a place which encourages you to return and stay longer! I love that!

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