About Us

Marty Miller:
Current Interests: Family, People, Travel, Medicine & Blogging.
Values: Integrity, Faith &  Humor.

Since I started the “About Us” referring to life at age 13 when my life really changed forever, I decided to do a bit of updating.

I had years of being a Mom, a Brownie & Girl Scout leader/area supervisor, Home Room Mother (one year for all 3 kids–was I nuts or what?), selling Tupperware evenings so I could be home with the children and neighbor’s children.   I left Tupperware when the kids started in evening activities and eventually started my own business–back in the days of only dot matrix computers–no internet.  I started my own business doing Memory books. My first was for a very good friend who had passed away at age 34, and who was a popular policeman.  I then started Memory Books for Anniversaries, Birthdays and then Graduations.  The SBA rep. , after reviewing several books,  said “Wow, these are wonderful and I am sure treasured, but are labor intensive–how about stating something where you can make money”.  That was the truth, but a bit discouraging.

I also did yearbooks for small schools and  Homecoming and Prom books for larger schools. I authored spiral bound Family Memory, Party Game books and Cookbooks.  In 1990 I started “Lawn Expressions Yard Cards” where I rent out 5-6 ft. signs such for births, birthdays, graduations and all special occasions in people’s lives. In 1997 I incorpoated “Memories & More, Inc” with “Lawn Expressions” as a DBA. “Lawn Expressions” was sold in July of 2011 when we moved to Arizona at a new Sun City Community–great place!

We now have grandchildren and John & I will be celebrating our 48th wedding Anniversary in Nov.

Marty’s Past:

Let’s start with the most influential background basics and come back as things are added.  This is the time in my life when many of my passions and aspirations were formed.  This time also placed many lifetime physical limitations on me.  I was no longer able to bend, except at my hips.  I could not lift objects over 20 lbs. and was told I would probably not be able to bear children.  However, I had 3 naturally that were all full term and healthy.

I was born in Michigan,  the eldest of 3 children. I had 2 major spinal fusions at age 13, which fused most all of my spine, due to severe scoliosis. Spent 10 months in a hospital bed while the cadaver bones grew into mine.  This bedridden condition helped me develop a sense of humor and empathy for others.  I also began painting, using a special table/easel made that went over my body cast and I wore prism glasses to see the easel.  I started painting flat on my back on the homemade easel using water colors.  An Aunt sent me monthly brochures of different States and I used some of those pictures to paint.  I  fell in love with Colorado from the brochure. We moved when my husband was stationed at Ft. Carson as an MP Lt.  Colorado has now has been our home for 42 yrs.  We moved to AZ last Dec. and now call this home, although CO will ALWAYS be our home state.

I loved working with children, so did a lot of babysitting and also was a camp counselor for YWCA and then for young teen girls in Toledo who had been incarcerated, usually due to their family circumstances.  I learned more about life from these girls in the 2 summers that I lived with them, at a Camp on a Lake in MI, than I had in college.  They had already experienced a life that most have not experienced.  If you treated them respectfully, for the most part, you received respect in return.

Being in a convalescent Home took me in the direction of pursuing medicine.  However due to my back fusion I was unable to lift or bend, thus eliminating my chance for nursing career.  So I was in the Occupational Therapy program in college and started teaching Arts & Crafts as an OTA in an institution where there were many children and adults housed with varying degrees of disabilities. I was the only one doing this at the institution.  I loved working with these individuals and immediately realized even though it seemed a most inhumane environment (very few of these types of places now exist) these people were joyful and happy to be alive. I learned as much from them, as they did from me.

I continued to pursue medical classes through out my adulthood & love researching on the internet.