Valentine Party Games for Kids

This is a really fun game for a group of youngsters from ages 3-7.


Needed: a bag or box of simple children’s Valentines. ( Dollar Stores usually carry these)

 Cut each valentine into 3 pieces.  Have one valentine per participant.  Mix all cut pieces together.

Have children sit in a circle on the floor.  Put all mixed up pieces on the floor –face down.  Have each child pick 3 pieces, but not turn them over.  When you say “GO” each child turns his/her pieces over, picking 2 and passing one to the child to the right.  They keep playing until each child has completed the valentine.
The one who completes her/his Valentine first is the winner.


CANDY GUESS  for children ages 7 and up.

Buy a bag/box of small candy hearts ( either cinnamon or ones with the sayings on them) .

Place candy in a clear bowl or container.  Have each person guess the number of candies in the container.  Closest to the correct number wins!



Party Games for Kids


Games for Kids

Wrapped Packages

Take a small gift ( book, puzzle, paint set, model) that is age appropriate for the group.  Wrap the gift in several layers of paper (about 7 layers). 

Have the children sit in a circle and the adult will play music and when it stops, whoever is holding the package gets to unwrap a layer of paper.  The person unwrapping the last layer gets to keep that gift.  ypu might want small gifts to give to the others, depending on the age of the children. 

Clothespin Toss

This is a good Game for Smaller Groups and for children over 7 yrs. of age.

You will need a hand held mirror, ten clothpins and a large bowl.

Have each child sit on a chair with his/her back to the bowl. Have them bring the bowl into focus with the morror and then hand them clothespins, one at a time.  They are to toss the clothespins over their shoulder and try to get the clothespin to land in the bowl.  the child with the most clothspins wins the game. ( 2-3 practice shots is helpful for each child)