THE BEST ICE PACK for post surgery or any ice pack needs.

Have you ever wondered why they say “use a bag of frozen peas” for an ice pack?  Depending on where it is placed it will probably fall off within minutes & then do you cook the peas?  I remember when my children were young and being sent home from the Drs. office with bags you fill with ice and finding that my child did not like the feeling of the ice cubes or the ice bag would not stay in place.

After my first knee replacement my P.T., who came to our home, gave me the BEST ICE pack recipe that was not only easy to make, but could be refrozen, stayed on the body part you placed it on and it was flexible for all sizes of people and body parts. I have shared it with anyone who has surgery or needs to ice any part of the body.  I have made this ICE PACK for friends and family through the years and the recipe has been given out more times that I can count.  So here goes:

BEST home-made Ice Pack. 

Take kitchen towel and place in 1 gallon Ziploc Bag.  Mix ½ Isopropyl Alcohol with 1/2  water—about ¾ cup ea.  After mixing,  Pour into Ziploc Bag , saturating the towel and mvoing the liquid around until the towel is completely wet.  if it is not all wet mix a bit more –half and half of Alcohol and water.  Zip bag, taking pusing out the air and place with Zipped end into another gallon Ziploc.  Freeze about 3 hrs., at least.  Ice pack is flexible and can be wrapped in another kitchen towel and placed over surgery or affected area.  The cold will last about 20-30 minutes and then can be refrozen—also great for children when they have injuries.  We keep 2 in our freezer at all times.  I also made one for a friend that had head surgery by using a quart bag and a wash cloth & less liquid mixture.  She could lay down and palce it where needed on her head.

The other nice thing is this cost practically nothing and are usual items around the home and it is reusable.

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