10 Quick Health Tips


Leg Cramps
Take Calcium at night, especially if you suffer leg cramps during the night. Add potassium and magnesium with the Calcium.  I also take Quinine by adding about 1/3 glass of Tonic water to my juice in the morning.  If I forget to do these things, I can pretty much be assured of having leg cramps during the night.

UPDATED for LEG CRAMPS—Soap in the bed.  And YES it really works!

 Antibiotic Side Effects
It is a good idea to take probiotics (acidophilus) while taking antibiotics.  Antibiotics do not discriminate good bacteria from bad bacteria.  They just kill all bacteria.  You may end up with severe diarrhea, a yeast infection or thrush if your body reacts to the antibiotic. 

Upset Stomach from Taking Medication
If I must take meds at night either at home or in the hospital, I have found that taking a few bites of a banana will keep the stomach calm.

Bee & Insect Stings
I use a paste of baking soda mixed with water and apply to area.  It should stop the hurt.  My Grandson thought it was pretty neat.  Small Cuts

Skin Cuts
I love “New Skin” or “Skin Shield” (liquid bandage).
 Once the bleeding stops, I apply Liquid Bandage over the cut area.  It stings for a second, but it will heal quicker than traditional methods.  I carry a bottle with us on all trips.  It is great for children’s cuts as they do not have a bandage to pull off.  It MUST be applied by an adult and should not be left where children can reach it.  I have used it on my grandkids for small cuts. It evenstays water–proof for awhile.

 Bloody Nose
Sometimes when the bleeding becomes heavy—using a Tampax in the nasal passage will help collect the blood until it stops.  (Probably not something you want to do in public, but is useful).

 Any Bleeding
Maxi pads are very absorbant and can be used for profuse bleeding until the person gets medical help.  Children, particularily teens, aren’t crazy about this idea, but it is better than a wad of kleenex at absorbing blood.

For years I have used a wash cloth that has been soaked in vinegar to pull the heat from the sunburn—works well. 

Warding off Colds or Flu viruses
Use a SALINE nasal spray daily.  It helps clean the nasal passages of bacteria that might collect in the nose and grow.  It washes dirt and bacteria from the nose, which is where colds start.  Both my husband and I use nasal spray just prior to boarding an airplane and if it is a long flight use it several times during the flgiht.  We have found that we rarely get colds or sinus infection after a flight since using this method as we had in the past. 

Colds & Flu
Grandma’s old rememdy–chicken soup–add a fresh clove of garlic for more medicinal effect.  If patient can eat the garlic, that is even better.

The Greatest Ice Pack

My Favorite websites for checking out Diseases, Conditions and Medications are:

 http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/   &  www.mayoclinic.com