The Family Christmas

Lookin’ pretty

Off to Spokane on Christmas Eve.  We were met at the airport by our grandsons, that we barely recognized.  They had just come from church to pick us up and were looking quite “dapper” in their suits and hats.  The boys could hardly wait to get home to open the “Christmas Eve 1 present- pick”.  (We traditionally did that in our family with our 3 children).  Then off to bed, late of course, and with a Christmas story read first.  Of course we were up again at about 6 am.   (Last yr. the middle boy, then 6, picked a package we had given him, as his Christmas eve pick.  I tried to talk him out of it, as we had bought him PJ’s & knew it would not be the expected gift, but he insisted. When he opened it and had a “not really what I wanted” reaction, our daughter had him put the PJ’s on to wear for the night and some of Christmas day.  All 3 received PJ’s along with a few more preferable “toys”. ( This year he asked if it was pajamas, when he picked a gift on Christmas Eve!)

The house stayed full all afternoon and early evening with about 18 extra friends & their visiting relatives–bringing the total to 23 in the house.  It was our introduction to a “turdukin”–a large turkey with a duck and chicken inside–actually very good.  So there was lots of food, fun and frenzy. We played games, ate, talked, ate & I went to bed about 8 pm.

Highlights: *Watching “Sound of Music” which the boys had never seen before. Resulting in several days of singing  “Do, Re, Me” repetitively.
*Lots of basket ball tournaments on indoor Christmas gift- double hoops.
*Watching the youngest (age 4) open his own purchased Christmas gift to himself with his money–a remote truck. (You get what you want that way & it was the Christmas Eve pick).
*The middle grandon (age 7) who was the biggest game player–liking the new one we bought from called “Quirkle”.
*The oldest Grandson “assisting” his Papa with a 944 piece Lego Halo Transporter which took Papa into another mind zone completely.  He would look for a piece the half the size of a pea in all of those pieces.  Yowser
* Listening to the 4 yr. old saying to a neighbor “Do you think it is fair that I didn’t get to play on X-Box a-l-l day today & my brothers did?”  The neighbor responded “Do I look like Judge Judy?”–and then said “no, not fair”.  Funny thing is–it had never come up to any of us all day.

Getting ready for the professional photos was a task in itself–but that is what the Holidays are about–family having fun & choas.  We do always remember the reason for the holidays we are celebrating.

Circumstances or people can take away your material possessions & money and they can take away your health.  But no one can ever take your precious memories–So, don’t forget during this holiday season & every day to make Memories!   (author unknown)

3 Grandsons