Valentine Party Games for Kids

This is a really fun game for a group of youngsters from ages 3-7.


Needed: a bag or box of simple children’s Valentines. ( Dollar Stores usually carry these)

 Cut each valentine into 3 pieces.  Have one valentine per participant.  Mix all cut pieces together.

Have children sit in a circle on the floor.  Put all mixed up pieces on the floor –face down.  Have each child pick 3 pieces, but not turn them over.  When you say “GO” each child turns his/her pieces over, picking 2 and passing one to the child to the right.  They keep playing until each child has completed the valentine.
The one who completes her/his Valentine first is the winner.


CANDY GUESS  for children ages 7 and up.

Buy a bag/box of small candy hearts ( either cinnamon or ones with the sayings on them) .

Place candy in a clear bowl or container.  Have each person guess the number of candies in the container.  Closest to the correct number wins!