EASY Heart-Shaped Cake and CupCakes

Making Heart Shaped CupCakes

Needed: Cake Mix, Muffin Pan, Paper Liners & glass marbles. 

Using a Muffin pan—line each cup area with a paper Baking Cup.  After preparing your favorite cake mix—fill each baking cup ONLY  1/3rd full.  Then take a regular size glass marble and place between the paper liner and pan.  Continue to fill the cup to 2/3rds full and bake as specified in your recipe.  The marble will cause the liner to indent and make the cupcake appear “heart shaped” after baking.  Frost and decorate when cool.
*(I have done this for years and the kids love it).



Needed:  Cake Mix, 9 inch Round Cake Pan and 9 inch Square Cake Pan.

After mixing Cake Mix, pour batter into greased pans. Follow baking instructions on your mix.  When cakes are baked, let them cool and carefully remove from pans.  Turn your square cake so that it appears as a diamond shape in front of you.  Cut the round cake in half and place each half on the upper corners of the square pan.  You now have a Heart Shaped Cake.  Frost and decorate.

If you have a heart Shaped Cookie Cutter, use for cutting Sandwiches for the kid’s lunches.

A good Website to go to for Valentines Day History and Ideas: