BEST INFO. on Websites & Blogging

Are you just learning about websites and/or blogging?  I perused the internet looking for a website where I thought I could really learn–easily.  There are many good “teaching” websites.   I, personally, have learned more about  Website Creation, Blogging, Internet marketing and just good common sense ideas from Lisa Irby at    I guess one of the main reasons that I am so interested in what she says is the versatility in how she presents her material and the many subjects that she teaches.  She has some materials on U-Tube, so if you are a person who learns things visually, you can see her. She often uses diagrams and visuals to help make an idea or subject easier to comprehend.  It is so helpful for a “newbie”  and you can keep advancing when following Lisa’s blogs.  She also incorporates other’s expertise and ideas.  There is always something new to see or learn.

 Even though I have had a couple of websites since the early 1990’s, targeted to one type of  “social expression” (yard cards),  I wanted to expand and write about more things that might be useful to a larger segment of society.  So as a senior, (you know–older) I have not really grown accustom to all that is technologically available and sometimes learning is time consuming and exhausting, mainly because things are not explained well. Now Lisa, she really explains things clearly, honestly and with enthusiasm.  I like that, and her site is the one I visit most, even when I get into an “internet slump” or start to feel discouraged with so much to learn.  You can just feel her enthusiasm and dedication and willingness to share. 

 If you are just learning about blogging and internet marketing, or even if you are a seasoned internet user, I would highly recommend visiting one of her websites and perusing her blogs for things that would be helpful to you. If nothing else, her cheerful voice and attitude will lift your spirits! Go Lisa!
           (written by Marty Miller with permission from Lisa Irby)

“You don’t get any rewards out of this life unless you make an investment”