Knee Replacement –New Info.

There seems to be more Total knee replacements these days, or maybe it is just our age.   I have noticed recently a trend that is happening regarding the CPM machine.  This is Very disturbing to me as I had two knee replacements –the first surgery in 2004 and the 2nd in 2006.  Both are still doing well with me having full flexion.  BUT—on the RT knee replacement the Dr. ordered the CPM machine to be used the 3 days, post-surgery –in the hospital.  However, it seemed the staff was too busy, the PT came at a time that was too far out from my last pain meds, etc. The surgeon was not happy and she sent me home with a CPM ordered and a home PT visiting every other day.  With the CPM used about 6 hrs. per day and 2 during the night, I was able to get to 65 degrees by day 8.  It took me 2 wks. to get to 90 degrees. LEFT Knee Replacement–I was on CPM coming out of surgery and was at 90 degrees upon release from the hospital.

Why are they NOT using CPM machines?  That is a good question.

Reasons given:  Some Surgeons say–*the patient and Physical therapist can do the work without it.  That is certainly possible–BUT it is much easier to increase the rate of a machine moving your leg, than it is to have someone physically moving your leg on an irregular basis.  * Patients just leave them at the end of their bed and don’t use them.  * Some insurances have stopped paying for them.

RESULTS:  Knee Replacement patients are now returning to surgery several months or more to have manipulation surgery and scar removal.

Talk with your Surgeon prior to your knee replacement about getting a CPM machine right after your surgery and to have one at home within a day of release for 14-21 days and USE it!  You will be grateful that you ahd this helpful device to get you back on the move.

If you are planning a knee replacement in the near future you might want to know what to get for the post surgery recovery.