Reporting a Doctor

 Did you have a bad experience with a Doctor?

Was your Dr. dismissive, rude, arrogant and seemed to ignore your complaint ?

Did you have future health issues because of an error or misdiagnose by a Doctor?

YOU are not alone!  I am hoping that this information will help YOU, as a patient, be able to find where to report these types of behaviors of a Medical person.

My personal experience:  In late Nov. 2013,  I had to seek medical attention at an Urgent Care Facility while we were on vacation.  I had severe bacterial Sinusitis and laryngitis.  I was put on an antibiotic.  Upon returning home I went to ER and again was told I had severe Sinusitis and another medication was added with instructions to see my Primary Care MD and an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT) .  I then went to my Primary Care physician who referred me to an ENT. I had then been on about 18 days of antibiotics.  I found the ENT to be arrogant, condescending and rude.  I followed his protocol and had a CT done on the Sinuses.  Upon returning to him, with the ordered CT, my husband and I found this Dr. to have such unprofessional, egregious behavior;  including discounting the findings of ALL other medical personnel from my past, regarding sinusitis.  I will not go into detail here, but leave it at– he had totally unacceptable, unprofessional behavior on 2 occasions within a couple of weeks.  Upon leaving his office, very upset, we decided that we would take further steps by reporting him.  We hope this experience will help others when they know they have been treated poorly or have had a truly unprofessional encounter or at worst, a missed diagnoses, with a Health Care Professional.

 WHAT to DO!

1. THERE are websites where you can grade your experience or write a review.  and   are two of the best known.  ( I have also done good reviews on excellent MD’s on these websites) 

2. Write a well written letter documenting your experience. Both my husband and I wrote separate letters describing the details as we each saw them. (I do this type of letter with an opening sentence and then bullet points, with chronological events.  This keeps it  easily readable and less wordy than writing it all out)  

3. Send any medical documents with your letter(s) to:

 * Your State Medical Board
 * Your Medical Insurance carrier
 * Primary Care Physician
* Medicare eligible patients can send to HSAG  (Health Services Advisory Group)   They review your information and do an independent investigation.    BEST RESPONSE!  (see below)
* Check out other entities in your State or area that may have places to make a report or complaint.
* You can mention your experience to others, and to your other Doctors and to your family and friends.  Word travels fast. 

BE PROACTIVE—you may save someone else the experience of being ill and undergoing  embarrassment or misdiagnose.  That is my goal.  If people are NOT proactive with their personal medical experiences, whether good or bad, the few bad Doctors who are practicing will continue to treat other patients in this manner.

MY RESULTS: * BEST RESPONSE   Personally, I received the most response from HSAG. The staff kept in touch throughout the process.  They also said that the letters from my husband and me and the included Drs. reports were very helpful.  Upon getting my report from Medical Records, I did find the Dr. had written much different information then he had given to my husband and me.

So far, I have very disappointing results from the Arizona Medical Board, which is probably overwhelmed with other things and the investigator appeared to have little interest in my complaint.

You must keep up with this and even if the results are not what you would like, it still has alerted the Doctor that he is being investigated and may change his behaviors with his future patients.  Also if you use one of the Review Websites mentioned above, future patients have a chance to see what has been said about a Doctor.