Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s it was not only common, but cultural, that people smoked. The Movies of that period along with the Black and White TV’s showed everyone from Actors to Newscasters with a cigarette in their mouth and an ashtray in front of them.

I always knew at a very young age that cigarette smoke bothered me and would not date teen boys who smoked. As an adult going to parties, events, movies, the grocery store & even hospitals involved smelling someone’s cigarette smoke.  People just tolerated it as it was considered “‘rude” to make remarks, although at times, I could not help myself and did say I could not stand the smoke– much to the embarrassment of my friends and husband.  My Father-in-law and I went round and round about this so called “right”.

Slowly the tolerance for smokers and breathing their polluted air has become a much less. However my question is:  Why is it still allowed in most casinos, and so many feet from the doors of establishments–meaning you walk through it anyway.  WHY does the minority have this right to make other people sick.

We were recently on a cruise and I do enjoy gambling, but hate having to tolerate the smoke smell. This ship did not allow smoking anywhere but the Casino and one glassed in room with white/gray air from the smoke.  Some smokers did not gamble, but made the casino their own private smoking area.  The theory is if someone is a gambler –they are also a drinker and smoker–WRONG!  When the “No Smoking in Casinos Law” was passed in the State of Colorado by the vote of the people, the Casinos wrung their hands in woe thinking the revenue was going to drop.  Granted it dropped temporarily, but within two-three revenue periods it picked up and was better than previously.

I really resent going in to enjoy a day of gambling and then having a smoker sit next to me and light up, so I am the one that must leave. Also on the Ship I noticed that some of the dealers and hosts were coughing and one had a towel over her nose to avoid the smoke around her. Why should the majority non-smokers give up gambling or going to a place they enjoy, because of  Smokers?

WHEN are we going to wake up and let the majority have the Rights and tell the Smokers this is something, like sex, that must be done in private?  We know what 2nd hand smoke does.  It IS getting better, but we a long way to go!  SAY SOMETHING, WRITE LETTERS!