Southwest is BEST!

Do we still have friendly skies?  Yes, with Southwest Airlines

If you have flown recently you have probably experienced how uncomfortable air travel has become.  After the rigors of going through security; removing your shoes, coats, things from your pockets, computers, 1quart plastic bag with liquids and THEN the scanner. I have replaced knees so that means it signals a warning of “metal” & then the BODY SCAN.  Usually that is not too bad, most TSA folks are quite caring and friendly, but last flight a Security person was dumping the contents of my carry on and rescanning and testing the bag and contents, as I was being body scanned. It was given back to me with contents dumped out for me to repack and we were already running late because of long lines.  I am sure every flyer has had these experiences & more. 

Well—take a breath—if you are flying Southwest Airlines at least you will get friendly, uncomplicated service.  Their web page is easy to follow and if you need to ask a question, just call—no need for long waits on the phone.  You can leave a message and they will call you back.  How nice is that! They don’t treat you like you are interrupting their time—they are truly friendly—at least the ones I have spoken with.  And if you need to change a flight, no change fees—the flight fare is plopped into your little flight bank and you can use it next flight.  

When I took my fall and ended up in MI for one month instead of 8 days, our SW flight was rebooked to when we were able to come back to CO and the money we had already paid was used for the new flight.  No Bag Fees for your 2 bags—Great!  What other airline does that?  

If you use a computer, you just sign in 24 hrs or less prior to your flight  and you are put into A, B or C Group and then you line up in an orderly fashion according to your letter –A is best, but B is good too and then you just board the plane and actually pick your own seat. 

You are given snacks and a drink and you may be asked if you would like 2nds—no extra charge.  Sometimes you may even have a “witty” flight attendant who tries to entertain those on the flight.

Wake up other Airlines—Southwest is IT!