Each day when I start my computer, I am compelled to go straight to the home page. The sceneries are always beautiful and interesting. The opening page changes daily and immediately takes me to another place and gives me pause at the animation that may be on the day’s page.  It can be beautiful landscapes from all over the world, animals, underwater scenes or unique, colorful backgrounds that grab the viewer.  I see other places in the world or even close by, that I may not know about.  It intrigues, captivates, teaches me and often makes me smile.  I usually want to learn more about what I am seeing and go to the the links on the page.

There are additional links at the bottom of the page which take you to news of the day or articles of interest, however they do not interfere with the beauty of the scene you are viewing.  I learn something new almost every day and usually call my husband in to share what is the “daily fare” on my homepage.

What a way to start a day!    I LOVE BING! Marty