Cell Phone Courtesy?

When I originally authored an article “ Do You Hear What I Hear?” on cell phone courtesy or lack thereof,  in 2002, cell phones were pretty much a  new item.  I was astonished at the scrambling around that people did in a Meeting or public place, searching for that ringing phone. Cell phones all rang about the same then, so each person started digging in purses and briefcases.

After a rather embarrassing situation where a speaker was interrupted by a loud ringing phone and the subsequent hustle of people looking for the offending phone,  I wrote the article which was published in several smaller periodicals, such as Zenith Woman, now www.denverwoman.com/ .

WOW, that was nothing compared to today! Now we have Black Berries, I-phones, Texting, Sexting, and a plethora of different types of hand-held devices that are social “connectors”.  Families even text or call from room to room in the same house. What’s up with that?

Shortly after reading an article, last week, by Alexander Green, of www.spiritualwealth.com/ I had the personal experience of seeing an example of just how far people will go with inappropriate cell phone use.

We were in a Drs. Office this week, where all the chairs were filled & in close quarters.  Most of the people were either waiting for a procedure or the person driving the patient home following the procedure.   Anyway, all was pleasantly quiet until a woman made several phone calls regarding an event; giving out people’s names, phone numbers and the address of the event.  She even mentioned who would NOT be invited.  There was a look of discomfort on most people’s faces.  WHY did she not leave that small area and go into the hallway?  Well, I did—I left the waiting area and moved to seating in the hallway, partly out of downright embarrassment for her. I felt as though I was intruding on HER conversation, by just being in the area. It should not be that way.

I remember the first time I heard a person giving a credit card number, his name and address over the phone in a meeting area, where people were quietly waitng for the meeting to start.  Yowser, a little dangerous don’t you think?  Anyone could jot down the information and call to order up some really nice stuff. 

Doesn’t it make you uncomfortable when you are out shopping or at a restaurant eating with a friend or client and someone at a neighbor table is talking so loudly on the phone that it is difficult to talk to the person at your table?  Or even worse, as highlighted in the “Spiritual Wealth” article of Oct. 22nd, you are the one sitting across from someone who keeps answering his or her phone and you must sit and wait to resume the conversation.  Once in awhile it is necessary to use a cell phone in a place of business or restaurant, but out of common courtesy, remove yourself from the table or wherever you are and go to a more private area.

Oh there will be more on this subject—just wait & visit again!  Please leave your comments. 

“Everyone is important and deserves your attention and respect”